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Variable multiplicative date periods in set analysis

Hi All,

I'm trying to built a report which uses set analysis to separate invoiced products into periods that the user defines.

E.g.  I want to have variable columns created by the user using variable 'vVariableDateSearch', this creates periods such as 0-30 Days, 31-60 Days, 90+ Days etc.

The set analysis expression I've got for the second column is the following:


(Note, the strictly less than sign is intentional and that 'vCurrentDate' is the variable for today.)

However when I run this my output only shows $0.00's.  The other issue is that the below example seems to work:


I've also tried replacing section [$(=vCurrentDate)-($(=vVariableDateSearch)*2)] with [$(=vCurrentDate)-$(=vVariableDateSearch)-$(=vVariableDateSearch)] however this doesn't work either.

Can someone let me know where the issue in the expression might be?

Thanks and regards,


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