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Specialist II
Specialist II

Version Control

Hi Folks,

     One general doubt may be a silly one.

Like other projects can we use version controllers like sourcesafe for qlikview projects?

for every change am maintaining  a backup of my QVW and now its more than 30 QVW for some dashboards .

what is the solution for it?  version control software or some other solution.

Thanks in advance


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Qlikview supports TFS and Subversion as version control systems. See this document: Updated Guide to QlikView and Source Control (TFS & Subversion)

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One thing to also consider is using a decentralized version control system like Git or Mercurial...

Qlikview and version control, part 1 - Sigma Blogg

Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III


When you're developing QlikView dashboards with multiple developers you might want to have a look at our BI Lifecycle Management solution called Platform Manager. It mainly consists of 3 different functional area's providing integrated Version control, integrated Promotion according to your own custom workflow and Metadata analyses. All changes made to QlikView dashboards can be identified and the entire lifecycle of QlikView apps is audited. Every individual change can be visualized. The health check helps to enforce your business rules and QlikView servers are automatically synchronized when QlikView dashboards are promoted to your Acceptance and Production environments.

Access to production servers is no longer required for developers. The global search helps you to identify which QlikView dashboards are using a specific QVD, table.column or any file from your local drive. You ca also use it to compare expressions between different QlikView files.

Platform Manager is a web-based solution build specifically for QlikView. It supports cloud based and outsourced development. Many Enterprise deployments are currently using Platform Manager to regulate and control their QlikView development. If you’re interested send an e-mail to and we can provide a demo for you.