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Contributor II

Video: QlikView Dashboard Development

Packt has recently published QlikView Dashboard Development by Abhishek Agarwal (Aug 2018)

QlikView Dashboard Development.png

You will start by connecting your data to QlikView and creating your own QlikView App. You will learn how to add data from multiple sources, create a data model by joining data, and then review it on the front end. You will then work with QlikView components such as charts, list boxes, input boxes, and text objects. The course will then show you how to build your own dashboard by adding different functionalities. You will then be shown how to perform analysis on your data in QlikView and will master the various types of security measures in QlikView.

Finally, you will learn to build your own dashboards to impress and inform your audience.

What You Will Learn:

  • Develop intuitive and informative dashboards with the appropriate depth of interactivity using QlikView
  • Read data from multiple sources such as websites, data from Excel, and data from databases
  • Create a fully featured data model without circular references
  • Display data in maps, charts, and text across multiple sheets.
  • Apply set analysis to your data in QlikView Expressions
  • Secure your data based on the various audience types

Author Bio:

Abhishek Agarwal has 12+ years' experience in developing analytical solutions. He is a seasoned BI professional with expertise in multiple technologies. He has been teaching BI technologies for the past 5+ years, working in a similar domain. He uses QlikView, Power BI, Tableau and couple of other technologies for end-to-end analytical solution development in his current work.

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