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Views on Qlikview certification 11(difficulty,topics etc..)?


    I am planning to take the qlikview certification exam this week.I know the topics covered and have more than 60 days experience,also my company is a partner.What i need to know is about the difficulty of the questions asked in the exam.Could anyone who has taken the new qlikview certification 11 exam please share their views like:

1.where the questions come from

2.difficulty of questions

3.how many questions etc...

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Hi Guys,

Not sure if you already know this, but to view types of questions asked (think you have to be a partner though),

From the QlikView site -> Partners -> Partner Portal -> Education -> Training -> Education -> Certification

Then on the right hand side under "Prepare for Exam", choose from Designer, Developer or Systems Administrator for more informaption on what to expect in the exam.

Hope this helps someone.



As I am going to give my developer certification exam this week. So please can u suggest me the  type of questions that were asked in certification exam.Or if possible for u please give me your mail id so that i can contact  u.

Specialist II
Specialist II

So it´s not enough with Developer course and Set Analysis tutorial? I have a year experience with qlikview, complex expressions in set analysis, especially thanks to the community , and I did the 'Tutorial' and 'Advanced Course', what do you think I should study apart of these things? Wich and where are all the training manuals ??

What about AccessPoint and QMEC? Are there questions about that?

All information will be appreciated.



there are different exams for developer / designer and System Administrator (check also http://www.qlik.com/us/services/training/certification).

If you've worked a year with QV11, if most of the questions in the forum don't really take you much time to answer (or to understand the solution), if you have some technical / DB background, the designer / developer exam should not be a big problem (well, it's not a no brainer, but nothing to be scared about).

As with every multiple choice exam, read the questions carefully and watch your time.

If you have already some real world working experience, I personally wouldn't spend too much time on looking for tutorials or course materials.

I don't have much information about the System Administrator exam, if that's what you are interested in.



Specialist II
Specialist II


I was talking about developer exam.

Your words makes me more confident to do the exam, I will take care about the multiple choice, that´s my concern, especially because of the time to answer all the questions. It would be nice if there was a particular exam preparation to measure time of the schema questions that I assume are the longest.

Good luck to all that are going to take the exam!



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hello, I'm new and I'm not partners, so where I can still see examples of questions about designer certification?

please, help me!

I look forward to your response

Luminary Alumni
Luminary Alumni

https://dl.dropbox.com/u/6795646/QlikFix/QlikView11ForDevelopersBook/QlikView11ForDevelopersBook.pngFor those who want some extra material to prepare for their QlikView 11 Certification, I've received lots of feedback from people who succesfully used our book for their preparation:

QlikView 11 for Developers

(Packt Publishing, ISBN: 978-1849686068)

This book was authored by Mike García and Barry Harmsen and has a foreword by QlikTech's Donald Farmer. Technical review was provided by Ralf Becher, Steve Dark and Stephen Redmond.

With over 500 pages of original content, QlikView 11 for Developers offers a completely practical and hands-on guide to learning both basic and advanced QlikView development concepts. The book follows a practical case based on a fictional company; HighCloud Airlines. This case evolves throughout the book, developing your QlikView skills step by step while gradually building a complete QlikView solution.

Topics covered in the book include:

  • Using script to load and transform data, and best practices for keeping everything manageable
  • Data modeling, and how to overcome common modeling challenges
  • Styling and designing your applications
  • Advanced aggregations and expressions
  • Point-in-time reporting and achieving complex calculations using Set Analysis
  • Best practices for setting up a scalable data architecture
  • Securing your data with Section Access
  • Time-saving techniques for making your QlikView development more efficient.

All example and solution files are Personal Edition enabled. This means that anyone with the free, personal edition of QlikView can pick up the book and start learning how to develop QlikView applications. There is no need to invest in software beforehand.

QlikView 11 for Developers is available in both paperback and ebook versions, and can be purchased online through Packt (paperback + ebook), Amazon (Paperback - Kindle), Barnes & Noble and many other places.




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Don't worry about the time, it will be sufficient.No matter how big the schema question is, you can answer in no time(of course if you know the answer!)