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We need to make the deployment code of QVDs generic to move it to UAT and Prod...Can i please get some idea how do I write the code.

We need to make the deployment code of QVDs generic to move it to UAT and Prod...Can i please get some idea how do I write the code.

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Master III
Master III

QVD's do not contain any code. They only contain data.

May you live in interesting times!


Like above, they hold data only.

If you mean sripting to read or write to them, then you want to make sure you are using relative paths in your code, then you just need the same folder structure,

So Say you have

C:\Folder\Subfolder\Qlikview\Dashbaords (Holds QVW's)

C:\Folder\Subfolder\Qlikview\QVDs(Holds QVD's)

to load your QVDs






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Thanks for reposnse. My mistake...actually we would like to deploy the QVWs which generates the QVDs at different location for UAT and PROD. 

For example. the path for QVDs in UAT  is lke X:\UAT\QVD while for Prod deloyment it is X:\PROD\QVD.

To deploy this in UAT we have used the variable which is using the relative path but the same might not work in Prod as the foder structure is different. Please correct if my understanding is wrong.

So to make this deployment successful in PROD we might need to write some code which will identify the server and then accordingly pick the path.

Also, the same we would like to do for Connection String to connect to UAT and PROD database. We do not want to modify the code once it is deployed in UAT rather it should be deployed for PROD also without making any changes.



Hello Gajendra.

you are suppose to have the configuration file which contains all the files path EX: for storing QVD's , storing the final dashboard etc

so if you have a configuration file it  will be easy for you to change the path when the environment changes from UAT to PROD

Creator II
Creator II

Hi Gajendra,

If folder structure is different in UAT and Prod, then you need to use variables.

Set path of the variables on first page and use that variable in everywhere of the application.

So you need to change only variable path instead of changing the code every where.

That best practice we Qlik Developers generally use.




use variables for all paths,  include for all connections

put the variables in an include file

when you change environment, you only need to modify the includes, not the .qvw