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'Webbed' Hierarchy DataModel Problem

I am trying to solve a data design problem that has been plaguing me.  I would appreciate any suggestions on how to solve this. The data is system mapping information.  Source1.field1 feeds Source2.Field1 feeds Source3.Field8.  I want to be able to report on the fields/sources and find out what correlated fields are up and downstream from it.  I have tried various Hierarchy models but can't quite figure out a solid way to model this data without getting circular tables.  See the below links for samples I have attempted but haven't managed to implement with my specific solution:

Recursion Trees.qvw


Select parent to inclusive select all children

Implementing a child-parent hierarchical datamodel using double relationships

A sample database would be two tables:  The first being a mapping of field to field and comments on that mapping.  The second being individual fields and comments on those fields.

BRSdurationGDHeffective durationBRS~durationGDH~effective durationUnknown
BRSmat_yieldGDHyield to matBRS~mat_yieldGDH~yield to matUnknown
BRSord_numGDHorder idBRS~ord_numGDH~order idCertain
BRSord_noGDHorder numberBRS~ord_noGDH~order numberCertain
BRSfundGDHportfolio nameBRS~fundGDH~portfolio nameCertain
GDHeffective durationIDBEffDurGDH~effective durationIDB~EffDurUncertain
GDHyield to matIDByieldGDH~yield to matIDB~yieldUncertain
GDHportfolio nameIDBportf_nameGDH~portfolio nameIDB~portf_nameUncertain

IDBEffDurIDB~EffDurP1D1 Reqd
IDBportf_nameIDB~portf_nameP1D1 Reqd
IDBPortf_noIDB~Portf_noP1D1 Reqd
IDByieldIDB~yieldP1D1 Reqd
GDHeffective durationGDH~effective durationP1D2 Reqd
GDHyield to matGDH~yield to matP1D2 Reqd
GDHorder idGDH~order idP1D2 Reqd
GDHorder numberGDH~order numberP1D2 Reqd
GDHportfolio nameGDH~portfolio nameP1D2 Reqd
GDHportf_noGDH~portf_noP1D2 Reqd
BRSdurationBRS~durationP1D1 Reqd
BRSmat_yieldBRS~mat_yieldP1D1 Reqd
BRSord_numBRS~ord_numP1D2 Reqd
BRSord_noBRS~ord_noP1D2 Reqd
BRSfund_idBRS~fund_idP1D1 Reqd
BRSfundBRS~fundP1D1 Reqd
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Do you have a sample of how you want to visualize this ?  Like a expandable node hierarchy ?  Could use a sample end point .

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I want to be able to select a field and know what fields source or feed data to/from it.  There are different use cases where i select a field and want a record for each mapping/path that includes that field, displaying comments about the individual fields and comments on the individual mappings.  A path could have 5 fields: 1:2 would have comments, 2:3 would have comments, 3:4 would have comments, 4:5 would have comments.  There could also be indirect mapping comments, so there could be a mapping record of 1:4 with comments on that mapping as well.

I'm not sure i'm being particularly descriptive and I recognize it's a morass that should be better defined to help figure out the data model. 


Ok its a little unclear so consider this just a way of getting your creative instincts going.

I tried to put in a flow :  From   ->  To.

The main table shows Field in the middle and on the left you see all the fields that feed it, and on the right you see all the fields it feeds

Perhaps a better visual may be this Slope Graph Extension here:

SlopeGraph for QlikView (D3SlopeGraph QlikView Extension)