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Creator III
Creator III

WeekYear giving wrong year

Hello experts,

I believe that QlikSense might have an issue with the Master Calendar script.

I am applying the set variables below so that I set the week that contains the 4th day of January as the week 1. So the variables are set as below:

SET FirstWeekDay=6; (Sunday)

SET BrokenWeeks=0; (Unbroken Weeks)

SET ReferenceDay=4; (contain day 4 of January)

It supposed to work fine, but my results are giving me the date of the first Sunday of the year that contains the day 4 of January with the previous year (2015)

This is causing the fact data to recognize the week that starts on 1/10/2016 as the first Sunday of year 2016, and therefore the first week of the year. All my results are one week off.

Is there a bug in Qlik or it is a problem with the Master Calendar script?

Thanks in advance,


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Can't see how you are linking this table or calculating the two other fields.

The calendar itself seems to work for me:

2016-08-15 22_42_22-Kalender.png

Creator III
Creator III


It actually works fine. On our data source we are missing the first week of the year so it is not mapping.

I will work with the analyst to see how we can fill this gap.

Thank you for your help.


Using: Qlik Sense

I was having the exact same issue with the erroneous year outcome, under the same SET conditions:

SET FirstWeekDay=6;
//Setting Sunday as the week start
SET BrokenWeeks=0;
// Broken Weeks not allowed
SET ReferenceDay=4;
//Jan 4th always belongs to week 1


Seems the weekyear function still has a bug/anomaly that I can't fathom, where the function displays the year of the first day of the new year as the year prior:


2020 in pink above should be 2021.

The way I fixed it was quite simple in the end.  I have simply added a function the auto-calendar in the LOAD script ( I have also concatenated a week function to it for my own calendar):



The year part is simply:


So in the AutoCalendar the "$1" represents the date field in the app you have, and it's adding 1 day to the field, and then doing the weekyear logic from there.

I have done it, and then reconciled data outcomes to annual calendar transitions over several years, using this website as a link for the calendar matching my SET conditions, and its fine:

HTH someone else