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Weird Before() Function Behaviour

Hello everyone,

i'm experiencing some weird results using Before() function on a pivot tablepivot_example.png

as you cas see from the picture above i use before() to get the previous value from column(3), which is the "Total Sales 2014" expression. On Australia i expect to get a null on april and june and get 216 on december, instead it gives me back the exact same number in the current column.

Another weird result is on the the India line: i see numbers like 7.972 and 1.572, but these numbers never appear on the India line, where does he get those from?

The only lines where it appears to work as expected are the lines where i have a value for the first month, as for France (you can't really see january from the picture but France is the only one with a value in january).

I've also tried different combinations with TOTAL <"Micro Area","Client Name">, but i never get the expected result.

Can anybody help me with this?

I am surely missing something

Thank you in advance,


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