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What are your thoughts on data virtualization and how does it apply to Qlik?

Hello !

I'm looking for an extension to allow Splunk, Elasticsearch, HDFS and other files and logs to be connected via qlik for vizualisations is that possible ?


I heard that with data virtualization we can do it, but I'm not sure if that's supported by Qlik... The goal is to be able to join all my data silos and run dashboards without having to copy or move the data into yet another RDBMS...


Thank you!

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Support (Former)
Support (Former)

You may need to expand upon the use case on this one, as I believe the reason folks have not answered is you can simply load the data from all those environments into the product and do your visualizations using that combined data model in the QlikView App(s), that is what we are really good at here is pulling data from multiple environments into a single data model within our product that you then use to develop your visualizations, and you can schedule update of that data model any time you wish etc.  I am likely missing something here, but given it seems you are new to the Community, I am assuming you are likely a new user/developer as well.  

The following link is likely the most pertinent to your overall question, it contains all of the data connectors we have developed, but for any other source, if the vendor provides a connector, you should likely be able to use it to pull data into QlikView etc.


I suspect some other folks may chime in as well at this point given this is in the new forum location now, but hopefully this may help you move things forward a little, or give you some information you can use to ask more questions.


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