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What is the difference between Above and Before in chart?

Hi All,

I want to know What is the difference between Above and Before in chart?

I have line chart

Dimension is A

1st Expression is Above(Sum(B)) /// it is working

2nd Expression is Before(Sum(B))  /// it is not working

My qus is Y?


Kabilan K

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Before() function returns NULL in all chart types except pivot tables, bcoz. Before() function use for   the column before the current column within a row segment in the pivot table only.

in case of Above() function use for the values as they appear on the row above the current row within a column segment in a table.

On the first row of a column segment a NULL value will be returned, as there is no row above this one.


I think u r using in charts. In chart before() didnt work. Its only work on Pivot table.

for before() it gives the before row value.

Above() function gives the above value of the field value. The first value returns NULL.



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Thank U Guys...........