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What is wrong with my line chart?

I tried to create 3 different line charts for 2018, 2019 and 2020 respectively. I have a column, [invoiced_mo], that is formatted like so: YYYY_MM. I want it to be 'MMM-YY' so I created a new field called [MONTH_YEAR] in my script to do so, which did work.

LOAD Date(MonthName(Date#([invoiced_mo], 'YYYY_MM')), 'MMM-YY') as MONTH_YEAR
FROM $(vQVDPathExtract)Vendor_Billing.qvd (qvd);


Because [MONTH_YEAR] includes all 3 years, I then separated by the corresponding year as a calculated dimension in each line chart:




Then for each of the line charts, I did 2 simple expressions to sum the total costs and total number of requests (e.g. sum(price), count(requests)


However, my line charts are showing a straight line across for the price and requests for each year. I'm not sure why the total costs/number of requests are not properly corresponding to the month/year data.

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Specialist III
Specialist III

You may need to provide more info or a QVW at best.  just looking at the pics, a lot of info is missed.

having said that, normally you would limit the YEAR in the expression and not in the dimension.  You should link your fact to a calendar and in the calendar, you determine the year, month, etc..

then in your chart (if you really need a chart just for a specific year), you would have an expression 
Your dimension could be MONTH (whatever format)



Thank you for your response! I'm relatively new to qlik (been using it for a little over a month) so I apologize for the silly question I'm about to ask, but could you please explain what all the additional characters mean or do in your expression, SUM({<YEAR={2020}>}Measure)? I created the master calendar per your suggestion and put the month as a dimension. I'm just not understanding how to properly execute the expression line. Thanks!

Support (Former)
Support (Former)

That is Set Analysis, here is a Design Blog post that should be useful as well as Help Doc Link:



If you wish to search more in the Design Blog area, use this link:



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