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Contributor II
Contributor II

Where Clause to REMOVE Null

Hi all - 


I need to remove Null data at the loading stage, I have been asked to do this in the script using "Where" clause and "Isnotnull"

I just cannot seem to get the scripting right so would really appreciate any help. We basically want any Null data from our [Site Acceptable] field to be ignored when loading as it is affecting results across the dashboard. 

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May be try this

LOAD ...
FROM ...
Where Len(Trim([Site Acceptable])) > 0;
Contributor III
Contributor III

The QV syntax is



Without seeing the script it is hard to tell why it fails. Another thing that comes to my mind is "timing". Let's say that your dataset is the result of a qlikview left join. You cannot put there where not isnull() clause in the left join, it will not work because at the joining stage the nulls don't exists yet. If this is the case then either a preceding load or new table would be necessary.