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Which scenarios link table is good?

Explain With practical examples any body sir.

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Master II
Master II


It’s hard to find a general rule to determine when you should Concatenate rather than joining tables by a Link Table .

You probably check out the following blog and read the attached document.

Champion III
Champion III

I quote from Oleg Troyansky

Concatenated Facts perform much better than data structures with Link Tables


Partner - Master
Partner - Master


Textual of the book Qlikview for developers

"Finding a Balance"

We have outlined two ways for dealing with multiple fact tables in data model, if we were to ask which of these method is better(concatenate or link table), we would need to say "IT DEPENDS".

There is no define best, and the decision about which to use will depend entirely on the specific scenario where it has to be implemented."

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It's really thank you Sir.

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Because Qlikview is excellent at compressing duplicate values, concatenate is generally my first instinct. 

Link Tables, in my opinion, should only be used when concatenate simply does not make sense.  For example, creating a Canonical Calendar .