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Working/Repaired machines case

Hi everyone!

I have the following problem with QlikView, I hope you can help me. [*-)]

The aim is to have a record at any given time of the number of PCs that are being repaired and the number of PCs that are working. I have a log with data telling you when and which computer was dismantled for repairs and which one is up and running, e.g.

Date PC Status
04/20 415 dismantling
04/24 417 dismantling
04/27 415 installing
04/30 417 installing

Right from the start QlikView is supposed to tell how many PCs are working and how many are being repaired at any given time, i.e. when I select 2009/04/23 I should see that one PC (415) is being repaired and one PC (417) is working.

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One way is to select the max(date) while grouping by PC, then left join this back to the original table to pick up the most recent status of each PC. The attached example isn't for your specific data, but does demonstrate the technique. In this case, it determines which doors are open or closed from a log of doors being opened and closed.

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That's an interesting example but what it actually shows is the current status, while I really need to see a record of those dismantled and operating PCs at any point in the past day by day.


Sorry, yes, I didn't read carefully enough. You need status as of any particular date, not current status (unless the current date is chosen).

Attached is one solution.