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Working with data to examine off contract spend

Good afternoon Qlik Community, 

I am working on creating a data model to provide insight into our off contract spend. 

Basically, I am looking to create visibility into our spend, noting where the same material was bought more than once, BUT once was on a contract (locked pricing) and at least once was off contract (no agreement #). 

I am looking to flag the material #'s with more than once purchase, and at least one blank agreement number. 

I am having a hard time starting this project. Here is an example of my data: onoff.GIF

What I would like to be able to do (on a larger scale of thousands of materials) is to easily find the values such as 1.02 above, find the delta of the price that was on an agreement, and aggregate this data to see how much money we "lost" by not using the appropriate contract (or agreement #). 

Here, we lost 2 cents on every unit bought. 

Any insight into this issue is much appreciated, thanks!

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Support (Former)
Support (Former)

Reed, when nobody is replying, it generally means there is not enough information provided for them to offer any solutions.  In your case, I suspect you are going to need to at least submit your data model, so folks can see what you have etc., the entire QVW would be better, and if you are worried about confidential fields, you can scramble those prior to posting by using the Settings\Document Properties\Scrambling tab in the Desktop Client.  Just be sure what you scramble is not something you are trying to use in the solution, as having those scrambled may lead to more difficulty in trying to offer a solution to things.  My post will also kick things back up, but I am betting folks are looking for further info on this one.

The best I have otherwise would be the Design Blog area:


There are hundreds of posts in this are related to how-to in the product, so you may be able to find what you need there too.  I generally start with a single word search and see what I get back and then try to find other words to help narrow and find what I really want.


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