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Creator II
Creator II

Writing a narrative using values from a field

Dear Qlikview user


I was wondering if someone could kindly help me. I am trying to write a narrative around the values in a field 

The field will contain 3 rows

Surgeon consenting

Anaesthetist not allocated

List alterations


In a text object I would like to use all 3 values from the field in a narrative/summary  I.e. 

Today there were 3 sessions and the sessions were delayed to the Surgeon Consenting and an in another session the Anaesthetist not allocated and there were also List alterations

I have tried various methods I.e. Concat, MaxString, If(GetSelectedCount(

but cannot seem to find a suitable solution.  At the present time I am just looking for proof of concept that I can achieve this and will work on my data structuring for the longer term

Any help or advice would be great;y appreciated


Kind Regards








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Best I have is link to the Design Blog space on Community for ideas there, the only other thing would be to have a look at the demo site maybe to see if something there may help as well.



Hope this helps, sorry I do not have something better for you.


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Specialist II
Specialist II

Assuming  you have a table like the below

load * inline [

Field , order

Surgeon consenting ,1

Anaesthetist not allocated ,2

List alterations ,3 ]  ;

You can fit the narrative using the below expression

=' Today there were 3 sessions and the sessions were delayed to the'  &  firstsortedvalue(Field ,order,1) &  'and an in another session the ' & firstsortedvalue(Field ,order,2) & ' and there were also ' firstsortedvalue(Field ,order,3)



Here the Exp1 = maxstring(Field,1)