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YoY growth based on month and quarter


I am trying to calculate YoY growth for rolling 12 months. Jan'15 should show value for Jan'15-Jan'14, Feb'15  should show Feb'15-Feb'14 data and so on. X axis is in for of Mmm'YY. Only the growth line needs to be displayed.

Suppose sales for Jan'15 is 20 and sales for Jan'14 is 15 then I want to show 5 as Jan'15 value and for Mar'15 if sales is 30 and that for Mar'14 is 20 then I will show 10 as Mar'15 value.

I am capturing only month and year and no dates.

Similarly I am plotting some data which are quarterly, like Q1'15, Q2.15, Q3'15,....................., Q1'16, Q2'16, Q3'16,....... and so on. For Q3'16 growth should be value of Q3'16 - Q3'15.

I tried using Above function but it is returning me Month over Month growth.

Let me know if additional information might be required.

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Perhaps this document helps: Calculating rolling n-period totals, averages or other aggregations

Or this blog post: The As-Of Table

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Hi Gysbert,

Thanks for the link.

I am able to achieve month functionality using the AsOf Table but couldn't figure out how to use it for quarterly data. I am receiving both month and quarter start date in my data. Should I create different tables for quarter and month or can the same AsOf table be used for both?