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can't move objects around as normally with Personal Edition Win 8.

I can resize them but not drag and drop a table box around the screen.

The properties lets me enter new coordinates for the top left corner to move it, but that's awkward.

Is this a personal edition issue only?

I downloaded the latest version, 11.20.12129.0, the one for Windows 8

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For what it's worth, I have not experienced any of these issues with Windows 8 Pro.

Creator II
Creator II

Hi. As this post remains unanswered I just thought I'd add my experience and the solution that worked for me.

What worked:

I shut down my computer, started it back up again, problem solved.

What happened:

I was setting up various charts, list boxes, etc and dragging them around to where I wanted them when I suddenly found I was no longer able to move objects.  I had not been into any settings (user, document, sheet or object) so I knew it couldn't be to do with the "Allow Move/Size" options, despite this I still checked an sure enough, the box still had a tick in it.

I quit QlikView and started it again but his did not work. I opened a previous version of the document and I was able to drag objects around. Eventually, I restarted my computer and this seemed to cure the problem.