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Creator II
Creator II

change position of label of Reference lines

Hi, I created 2 reference lines in my Scatter chart but the names of the labels are overlapping eachother due to the fact that they are close to eachother, is there a way that i can move the position of the labels of the lines?



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Did you try to push CTRL + SHIFT keys after selecting your chart ?

Then you can change location of some textboxes ?

Creator II
Creator II

Sad Yes I tried that already but unfortunatly the reference lines are not working with that function .

Master II
Master II


think that you cannot move reference-lines and their labels, but you may enter one of the expression with preceeding blanks or "_" or the like, thus segregating them a bit (must not help in all cases though)



Champion III
Champion III

One approach is to add your reference lines as expressions instead of as reference lines. The labels will then show up like any other label in your report, which is to say they'll be separate and won't overlap anything. In my case, I put the numeric value in the label as well for clarity, such as "2009 Business Plan 98.87%".

While you can't put the text in the chart that way, you can put the numeric value in the chart instead of in the label if you wish. Add a second copy of the expression, but as if(condition,expression) where the condition only matches ONE dimension value of your choosing, and checkmark line and text on data point. With only one data point, no line will be displayed, but you'll get the number to display above your "reference line" on the data point of your choosing.