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chart expression filter for all field values

I would like to filter my ' Pivot table'  chart's  expression output to show  the total sum only for the customer listed within a certain other field (all possible values). The amount of the filtered customers could change (after a rebuild), so a fixed list of values for filtering as show in other examples within the community is not an option.

I could solve this at first when adding the field ListOfCustomersToBeFiltered as a dimension and use ' Surpress all values Is Null'. 

Disadvantage is that the customers number would also show and I just want to show the totals of these filtered customers list: 

pivot table filter.jpg

I thought it could be solved with an expression that should be like :

= Sum({<  MyCustomers = {ListOfCustomersToBeFiltered}    >} Weights)

but that does not work. Any suggestions if this is possible in this 'easy'  way ?

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I never came across these functions before , but it did the trick ! Thanks !