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clear field before selection

Hi, hoping for some help on what I thought would be  simple issue:

Have records with Year and Month defined, as well a a field called 'YTD' which is set to 1 if the year and month are this year, else set to 0.

Have a list box for year which allows to select all records for any year.

Created a Text Object with text "YTD", which has an action of SelectField and sets YTD to 1. When clicked, jsut the records with YTD = 1 are displayed.  Pretty straight forward.

However, if YTD is clicked, and then "2013" is clicked in the Year listbox, it shows nothing, becuase there are no records that are in 2013 *AND* have YTD = 1  (becuase it is now 2014).

I thought I could place an action on Year, which does a ClearField of YTD, but that doesnt work; no records are returned. My guess is the record selection is done BEFORE the clearfield?

Any ideas on how to address this?


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Master II
Master II

Can you share your app

Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator

I guess you only have available values in YTD field for months of the current year. You need generate the values for the months of other years but it must to have only a value of 1 in the correct year.

Also, if you have only values of YTD for the current year, in the moment select other year, you lose the selection of the field YTD, it must be.

Can you show me your app?

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