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container bug?


Just want to see if it's a confirmed bug?

I have a container. Normal one, not the grid one.

Sometimes when i arrive on a sheet, i would see " too few expression " inside the container, and when i click it, the chart is displayed.

Does this happen to you too? or it's a matter of configuration?

I looked it up in the V11SR2 noted, quite a few bugs but i couldn't find this one, maybe i missed?


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Partner - Contributor II
Partner - Contributor II


I Confirm that I have the same behaviour with QlikView V11 SR1

-> With QlikView Desktop

-> In AJAX Mode


Amaury Moreau
Senior BI Consultant - Qlik Expert
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I experienced it in plugin.

So, this happen to both AJAX and plugin.

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Hi Guys,

I am also experiencing the same issue while using an IE plugin and the desktop client. The chart within the container gives the error: "Too few Expressions". However, when I switch to another tab and come back to the tab, the error goes away.

1. Did you guys find a workaround ?

2. Is it documented under the QlikView release notes ?

Creator II
Creator II

Does anyone know if there is a fix for this yet?