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create set & let commands out of a table


I have a qvw where GlobalVariables are loaded from a DWH.

I want to use these variables for settings in other qvw like Sales Invoice.

Every qvw will load these GlobalVariables from DWH and them create them as variables in the qvw.

For example:

Now at the moment I use the command  LET vPeriodStartYear = (year(date(now()))-3);  in the script.

When I look at the GlobalVariables, I have a VariableName = vPeriodStartYear and a VariableContent = (year(date(now()))-3); 

How can I create with VariableName and VariableContent the same command as I’m using at the moment in the script (=LET vPeriodStartYear = (year(date(now()))-3); )

Of course I want to make commands of all the VariableName and VariableContent

Should I expand my GlobalVariables  (loaded from a DWH) with a column “command”  (for instance with the command LET or SET)

I have add the qvw GlobalVariables to make clear what I have, at the moment I use Qlikview version 11.2 (64-bit)

Thanks in regards


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