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cumulated Bar Chart including counts outside of selected date range


I am trying to create a cumulated bar chart which considers a distinct user license count of occurrences for all time, but only displaying the count based on the date range selected.

The user license usage should be counted on the first time it is used, but never again. 

1/1/2018License AX
2/1/2018License BX
4/3/2018License CX
6/4/2018License A 
7/5/2018License A 
9/1/2018License A 
11/2/2018License B 
11/3/2018License C 
12/4/2018License DX
12/5/2018License A 


For Example: (assuming the beginning of time is Jan 1 ) If given the above table, and the range selected is current year, the flags should be accumulated , so January should show a value of 1, February and March should show a value of 2,  April-November should show 3, and December should show 4, but these same values should remain if only viewing the chart by a specific month range; if April were selected only - the value of 3 should still be present, not 1.

Currently I see what I want when I select the entire year only - because all occurrences are in the current year, however as I change the range to view specific months, the values change to show the first time each license is used in that month - it doesn't consider previous usage. 

I have attached images of what I am looking for. Please let me know if this is clear.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


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Partner - Specialist
Partner - Specialist

Hi Afisher,

The first method occurred to me is using peek() to solve it in back-end. Please see my attachment and hope that's what you want.

cumulated Bar Chart including counts outside of selected date range.PNG