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data tables - fields are in the wrong positions or gone

Qlink data problem.jpg

Hi there,

I am pretty new to the system and have opened a view with a data table, the fields have mostly disappeared and I see by drag and drop techniques a blue arrow appears allowing me to move things BUT how do i reset it as its compelety messed up and wont move back.

many thanks

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Creator III
Creator III


To clarify the issue:

Is there one or more dimensions missing from the chart?

Should there be different field values for the NHS No dimension? If so, the fact that ony the value "-" displays would indicate a fault in the model.

I am a personal edition user, so I can't offer to look at your model..

However, if you were to post screenshots of the Table Viewer, Dimension tab and Expression tab, I would be happy to take a look.

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many thanks for that , it works in another instance of the system but not that one so its something to do with the setup or configuration of the other copy, i have tried everything and gave up on it for now.

yes the fields should be NHS No then a series of fields going across such as Arrival date, arrival time, departure Date, time, total time, description , count.

there is no associated chart with this one.

any ty for the response


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This is sorted now it was to do with data access rights, not being able to look at NHS numbers mean certain reports dont work correctly in pseudonomised view

many thanks all