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date comparison based on user entry

I have to compare 2 dates and get the result

User will enter the Date1  : 02/05/2018


EntryDate  DueDate Name

01/05/18 02/03/18 aaaaa

01/06/18 02/06/18 bbbb

01/15/18 05/20/18 cccc

01/30/18 06/06/18 ddddd

02/02/18 08/07/18 eeee

02/04/18 06/22/18 fffff

03/06/18 05/02/18 dsesd

05/06/18 09/09/18 mmmm

05/23/18 01/04/19 rrrrrr

06/22/18 04/04/19 ttttttt

06/25/18 09/09/20 ssssss

I have to find which name belongs to this below condition if the user enter the  Date1  : 02/05/2018


Entry Date <= Date 1 

Due Date >= Date 1 


what is the best way to handle.I tried with Get field selection for capturing the user entry and compare the values .It didn't work.

Advance Thanks for your help.

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1 option:

IF(Date1 <= EntryDate and Date1 >= DueDate, Name)

Specialist III
Specialist III


Create a variable (Value in my exemple) in your input box and add in a text box :

=Concat(distinct Aggr(If(EntryDate<=$(Value) and DueDate>=$(Value),Name), Name),'/')

See my attached .qvw

Is it what you're trying to achieve?