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Creator II
Creator II


Hi Experts,

Can any one please help me on below requirement.

In this sheet when I have filtered Duedate i.e., 01/23/2017 then its qualifying 01/23/2017-01/29/2017 in the top left KPI

I have to filter the dates 01/23/2017,01/24/2017,01/25/2017,01/26/2017....01/29/2017 in the below table box based on Due Date Dimension.

Here filter dimension and table dimension both are same

In that kpi i have used this expression

=Date(WeekStart(Max(DueDate),0,0),'MM/DD/YYYY') & =Date(Weekend(Max(DueDate),0,0),'MM/DD/YYYY')

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Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator


It would be easier if you create in your loading script in Calendar table, for each day, two more fields: beginning of the week and end of the week.

Then your set analysis will work with these two fields (more performance).



Creator II
Creator II


Actually I am just looking to apply the condition on Due date field dimension.

When I have filtered 01/18/2017 from due date field then only

01/16/2017 - 01/22/2017 i.e.,

01/16/2017,01/17/2017,01/18,2017....01/22/2017 these dates need to filter on table box.

Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator

Set analysi works better not onexpression but on fields (if you can).If your dates are in loading, you can build the dates. You always and for ever know what are days begininng and end of the week.

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Hi Bhavani,

I didn't get you, what you are asking ?

But seeing the charts & selections i can understand as

Inside the expression they are written condition as , based on the data selection it will show the selected week(Starting of week to end of week) totals.

Are you don't want to represent entire week totals ?, Can you explain bit elaborate.


Venkata Sreekanth