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difference addition of hours


Faced with such a problem, the function MakeTime() is not correctly execute.

In cycle FOR by addition hour "vTempDate+ MakeTime(1)", QlikView lost one second on step 596 (look in attach),

But, "vTempDate+ 1/24" execute correct.

Why is that???

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For some reason the MakeTime(1) returns a value which is slightly smaller than 1/24. We will look into that - it looks like a bug.

     MakeTime(1) = 0,04166666665697

     1/24               = 0,04166666666667

But the difference is less than one microsecond, so it will only be noticeable in a situation where you accumulate rounding errors, which is something you should avoid by coding smart. See more about rounding errors here: http://community.qlik.com/blogs/qlikviewdesignblog/2013/12/17/rounding-errors


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If this looks like bug - what should i do?

where it is necessary to write about that?

Thank You for the link


You could report this to QlikTech Support. I will also report this internally (within QlikTech).