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distinct incremental load not perofrming


I am middle of one scenario , which is quite new for me....the secenrio is :

i have 2 tables :

Travel and travel package.

I want to load travel table and only want to generate distinct travel package given in travel table.

Travel given below



Travle ID    Travel Package                                                            

T001          P01 

T 002        P02

T003          P03

T004         P04 

Travel Package


Package ID       Package Name    

P01                  Package 1

P02                  Package 2

P03                  Package 3

Now in my scenrio every day i am gettng more than 100 rows in Travel table and i want to generate distinct Travel package in "Travel Package" Table.

Now the problem is while going incremental i am not getting right data in Travel package table.

FOr examle:

Currently in Travle table having 100 rows and Travel package P01 to P05

than Travel Package Table should show P01  to P05....

Next day i am getting incremental data and another 100 rows in Travel Table and having Travel Package P01--to -P07

than only  P06 and P07 to add in Travel Package and our final table should show P01---to  P07...

should be in incremental.....

please suggest


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Partner - Champion III
Partner - Champion III

i am not sure what your problem is. Just incrementally load the Travel Package table as well. You could use a WHERE Not(Exists(PackageID)) type of construct (before you load the Travel table).

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