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does macro work on webview mode?

Hi all,

I tried to write a macro to export a chart image in MS XLS.

below the code:

Sub ExcelExpwCaption 

     'Set the path where the excel will be saved  

     filePath = "C:\Test.xls" 


     'Create the Excel spreadsheet  

     Set excelFile = CreateObject("Excel.Application") 

     excelFile.Visible = true 

     'Create the WorkBook 

     Set curWorkBook = excelFile.WorkBooks.Add 

     'Create the Sheet 

     Set curSheet = curWorkBook.WorkSheets(1) 




      'Get the chart we want to export 

     Set imageToExport = ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject("OV-GRAP1") 

     Set chartProperties = imageToExport.GetProperties 



     'Get the caption 

     chartCaption = imageToExport.GetCaption.Name.v 

     'MsgBox chartCaption 


     'Set the first cell with the caption 

     curSheet.Range("A1") = chartCaption 

     'Paste the rest of the chart 

     curSheet.Paste curSheet.Range("A2") 

     excelFile.Visible = true 




     Set curWorkBook = nothing 

     Set excelFile = nothing 

End Sub 

In descktop mode it works but in webview mode it doesn't work.

The question is : can this macro run on webview mode? if not,  there is a different solution to fix it?

thanks in advance for your help

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In AJAX Client Macros wont work. Please check with local Qlik support team for other alternatives.


As an altenative you can flip the order of control and let an Excel VBA control QlikView instead. An Excel VBA will be a much better environment to develop your code anyway by giving you full debugging and intellisense for the entire QlikView object model too. 

To be precise: WebView and Ajax client mode are two different things. So essentially you have four clients for QlikView:

1) QlikView Desktop: using normal Windows Forms mode

2) QlikView Desktop using WebView: using Internet Explorer as web client

3) Internet Explorer plug-in: using the ActiveX object

4) Ajax: using only native functionality of each browser by using the light-weight Ajax library

   to enable a full QlikView client experience in all the popular browsers

Option 1 and 2 can be used both directly with local QVW-files and as clients for running a server application.

Option 3 and 4 needs a server and can't use local QVW-files. So you will connect via the AccessPoint or directly

to a URL that still use the AccessPoint but allow you to skip the menu system of the AccessPoint.

It is only option 1 that gives you the full spectrum of VBScript (or JScript) macros. There are several limitations - most quite natural - when you use the other options and especially when you run on a server. All options allow some macro code to work. Qlik and Qlik employees strongly discourage any use of macros and to a certain extent I agree with them. But macros can solve real pressing needs for a developer - but should be avoided for end-user performance heavy calculations. Macros are not supported in any form in Qlik Sense. Automation and VBScript / VBA is very slow when it comes to massive data manipulation by its very nature and shouldn't be used for that.


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Specialist III

it doesnot work have a look at this

Macros are Bad

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but is there a simple Macro to enable WebView in a on/off state?

So that I can to automate turning it on or off via actions as a macro.

thanks all for yours help


Not true, if so none of our applications would work.

In WebView mode when developing macros don't work, but some macros will work in Ajax when the application is published.


If you want your code to work for your users they will have to use Plugin as client.

If they use Ajax (WebView) it will not work.

Simple as that. 🙂