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dotted line chart in Trellis does not work in webview

I am creating a combo chart with bars and lines, and Trellis function enabled

By changing Line Style values e.g. '<S3>', I can get a dotted line

It can be shown properly in Desktop Application / IEPlugin, but not in webview

Error in the chart is: "Drawing of chart failed internally"

Removing Line Style will restore the charts in webview

I have several dimensions but only 1 will be shown at any time by conditional setting

There are 4 bars / lines and only 1 is dotted line

Does anyone have an idea on this issue?  Thanks

2 Replies

Hi Jerry,

unfortunately, there are some things which look fine in the client, but cannot be rendered properly in AJAX - like rounded textboxes (there is a blog post on this around here). Apparently, that line_style is among those.

I am not aware of any workaround for this. With the textboxes, there is a slightly different setting which can be used so the round textboxes can be rendered in AJAX - there might be a way for the dotted line. I am not aware of any way, though. Sorry.

Best regards,



excuse me data nibblier, are u officially from qlik?

so is it considered as a bug or a defect?

and is it likely to be fixed in later version?