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Creator II
Creator II

dual function in bar chart only for first expression ?

I have a bar chart (not stacked), one dimension , two espressions.

Both expressions calculate a value as a percentage of total value.

Now I want to display value and percentage on top of every bar.

For this I use the dual function.

However it seems that this onlly works for the first expression.

I that a correct conclusion,or is there another way to display values for both expression ?

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Not really a pro om Qlik Sense, but if you can share a sample, I can def. play around with it

Creator II
Creator II

Do not know what I did change, but now I get values for both expressions. I wasn't Sense by the way


Hmmmm how did I think that this was Sense related question.... Well as long as the issue is resolved we are all good .... Don't tell anyone about my dumb mistake