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error : out of virtual and/or logical memory, allocating 32 mb

i have got this error sometimes. i check it internet and qlik community but i couldn't any solution about that. when i reduce my data count error gone, but my datas increase everyday. my data obtain 2 qvd file, one of them has 53.559 rows, 9 columns, other one has  81.750 rows, 28 columns right now.

what can i do about this problem.

thanks for your help.

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Would you mind sharing more information?

  • QlikView Personal / Server
  • Machine configuration
  • QlikView version
Partner - Champion III
Partner - Champion III

In most cases, this error is caused by either a bad link in your data model or an incomplete association of fields in a User Interface object. From your post I deduce that you get this error when QlikView starts to recalculate a very specific table or graph. For example, if there is not a perfect association between your two tables, displaying data from both in the same straight table will force QlikView to create an almost-cartesian product that eats all memory.

In addition to the information Clever Anjos requested, posting your document in this thread would considerably speed up detection of the real cause.


Partner - Creator II
Partner - Creator II

Hi there.

In my experience this error is almost always caused by insufficient RAM to load the data. You can *sometimes* solve it by increasing the amount of virtual memory on Windows but chances are your data model is too big for your hardware.

Kind regards,