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explain difference between Null and IsNull ?

Hi all,

tell me with simple example for null and isnull functions.how to handle the null valules.


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Master II
Master II

If you do not have a value in a field it is called a 'Null'

Example :

Country =

You use IsNull to check if a field is null.



Hope this helps...

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The function Null() returns a Null value, for example:

State = Null(); (function)

will evaluate to State = Null (value).

The function isNull() returns a value depending on whether the value evaluated is indeed a null value, for example:

State = Null (value)

isNull(State) is true (or 1) because State is Null.

I hope this isn't too confusing...

Let me know,


MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Take a look here: NULL handling in QlikView

- Marcus


Null( )

Returns a real NULL value means it will return a null data itself you consider it as not data

IsNull(expr )

Returns -1 (true) if expr returns NULL, otherwise 0 (false).

I.e it will return a value 1 if the value is null or if it has data then it returns 0