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exporting a custom chart

Hi experts,

I have created a chart by making use of several controls in QlikView.

Here's what my final chart looks like:



Here are the charts that I use to make the above chart:


As you can see I'm using three speedometer controls and four text boxes.

My question is, how do I export my final chart into say, a picture, if I don't want to do the screen capturing way..



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anyone has a solution?

Can it be done in VBScript? Can it be done by calling APIs? Can it be done using NPrinting? (I don't know much about NPrinting though.)


Partner - Specialist
Partner - Specialist

Hi Msmichael,
Firstly I want to say that your chart is cool, sometimes I also do some combination for a pretty chart, but yours is really cool.
I'm using NP16, I don't know whether NP17 can do that, but for NP16 I think it can't be done.
If you can use extension, I think maybe you can try to find a similar extension then use it.
Aiolos Zhao
Specialist II
Specialist II


When a chart is created by super imposing multiple objects there is no way Qlikview can find out which is the right object that needs to be exported , so in this case you could use a work around like superimpose another chart which has the required data(as you would be using export to excel anyways , choose whichever chart as you wish) and make it transparent, also create a text object with the excel icon on top of it with macro to export the chart to an excel. This way Excel icon(created by the text object) will lead in export to excel also as the transparent chart super imposed allows the right click and export to Excel

Of course this has its own cons like Associatitivity would not work but as its a gauge i don't think you would want any selections made by clicking on top of the object and yes I do understand its a crude way to get it done, but this is one work around that i could think of