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grouping table contents by referring other table

I have two tables.

The first table contains the start and destination positions of a flight.The table fields are as follows,

Table 1:

Flight No,

Start date and time,

destination date and time,

start latitude,

start longitude,

destination latitude,

destination longitude

The second table contains various countries the flight has travelled in a particular trip(between the start and destination country of the previous table). The table contents are as follows,

Table 2:

Flight No,



Time and date

Now I want to create a new table with all the countries( latitude and longitude coordinates) the flight has travelled between a particular start and destination points by taking flight no as key and checking the [Time and date] field of Table 2, whether the date falls between the [start date and time] and [destination date and time] of Table 1: and grouping a particular trip and name it as [tripID] .. This is required to plot the points travelled by the flight in a particular trip.

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