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hide row in pivot table by macro

Hi all,

Is there the possibility to hide a row in a pivot table like the column?

private sub HideColumn(ch, n)

set ch = ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject(ch)

ch.SetPixWidth (n-1), 0

I try to use SetPixHeight but with no result.

Anyone can help me?

Thanks all in advance,


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Champion III
Champion III

Rows in tables as a rule are defined by dimension values.  If you want to hide a row where your dimension D has value 'ZZZ', you can use calculated dimension, something like this:
aggr(only({<D-={'ZZZ'}>} D),D)
and suppress when value is null.
If is not what you want, explain what "hiding a row" means in your case.


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I want to hide the header row in a pivot table.

Is there a solution? (I think throught a macro...)

thanks for help

Champion III
Champion III

The only solution I can think of for a pivot table header is to set the labels of all dimensions and expressions to ' ' (one space).  Header row is not removed, it only looks blank.

(There is "suppress header" in straight table)

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Davide - Did you find a solution for this?  I am dealing with a similar issue.


Beau Brenno