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how NOT to evaluate dollar-expansion


Say that i have the following expression:

vBigMoney = sum($(dateRange)bigMoney)

this $(dateRange) contains, lets say, the date span of YTD based on the current date selection. give text as an input

For some reason (don't ask...) I want to replace $(dateRange) with $(NewdateRange). I just want to replace the two variable and evaluate them later on . so text with text. Qlikview, however keeps on trying to evalute $(dateRange).

Is there away to let qlikview rest and not calculate every time?

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While creating the variable don't use the "=" on the expression window.

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I didn't. created the variable in the variables module. without '='


Are you trying to change the expression in the Variable Overview?

In that case, make sure that the expression is not defined in the script. If it is defined in the script it will be reset to the script version on reload.

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I've learned my lesson already. That's why it's only defined in the variable overview