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how do i use a dimension as a label on data points for a mekko?

I made a mekko that's a bit different from the qlikview example, which uses 2007-2009 sales in different regions, with 2007-2009 shown in a legend. The mekko creates quickly and easily, but i'm having a hell of a time with the labeling.

In my chart, I have a main category in dimension 1, a sub-category in dimension 2, and a $ amount in the expression. However, my sub categories (dimension 2) are all different depending on the main category (dimension 1), so I have 18 different legend items, which is a bit much. What i want is to have dimension 2 (a text field) as the data label on the chart, instead of in a legend. When I go into the properties tab the only thing it looks like I can put on the chart as a data label is the $ (or %, if relative) value of the expression. Is there any way to have dimension 2 be the data label on the chart?

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