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how i can get analysis for purticular period(say 09/10/2005 to 08/12/2007)

how I can get analysis for a purticular period (say 09/10/2005 - 08/12/2007)

I am using 2 calendar object and I am not able to get different dates selected .

in two calendar object I have used orderdate as the field,so the moment I select 1 date in one calendar that particular date gets selected in other calendar as it is coming through same orderdate field.

I tried using resident concept,(by setting one field as orderdate and the second field as orderdate1 by using resident concept)

but that's not working.

please help

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please help

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Try using calender object and use that variable in ur chart to restrict the data for particular period.



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Create two new variables…

vStartDate and vEndDate

Now go to Settings – Document Properties – Triggers

Variable Event Triggers

Select vStartDate

OnChange Add Action


Select in Field

Field = Your Date Field

Search String = ='>='&vStartDate & '<=' & vEndDate

Do the same for vEndDate

Now insert Input Box and add these two variables

Go to number tab and make sure that the formatting of vStartDate and vEndDate is same as your Date Field….

Hope this help

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can this be done using resident concept

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U can do it by taking 2 island residents i.e Orderdate1 and orderdate2, which is same as variables.

So better to use variable method.

Can u please share ur detail req or test qvw??


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yes I will share it right now


I have an example showing how two calendar objects will select a date range


Creator III
Creator III

Dear Sudhanshu,

               Just create few variables

     1) vMinDate = min(Date)

     2) vMaxDate =Max(Date)

     3) vMin = Calender Object Variable

     4) vmax = Calender Object variable

select VARIABLE and SINGLE Mode option in Calender Object.

for 1st calender Object

Select vMin as Variable

Min Value = vMinDate

Max Value =vMaxDate

for 2nd calender object

Select vMax as varible

Min Value = vMin

Max Value =vMaxDate

Use below expression in your chart


try this.................

for Further help post your sample application.........


Kiran Rode

+91 8976977897

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this is somewhat working for me..i have day ,year and month field,now if I select day field in field..then it just work for 31 days,month and year are left behind

what I want to do exactly is..i want to select the dates from my calendar objects and I want application to show me the analysis for that particular period .one calendar object is named FROM and the other one TO,

so how I can do it..plz help