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how i can use existing expresions to create new expresions?

how i can use existing expressions to create new expression? for a simple example i have two expressions(A,B) which i need to get the third one by multiplying those two. (A*B).

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For example

Expression 1:

    1. Label = Exp1

    2. Definition = 2    (use your calculation)

Expression 2:

    1. Label = Exp2

    2. Definition = 3    (use your calculation)

Expression 3:

    1. Label = Exp3

    2. Definition = [Exp1]*[Exp2]

This mean that, for expression you can take label from expression 1 & 2 for any calculation




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In a  chart you can use the column number to represent the expression for example if you want to use an expression that is present in column 2 you can write as follows

if(column2= null,' ', ' ')

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7-10-2014 11-39-14 AM.png

This will work as long as subsequent expressions are not promoted in place of column 1 and/or column 2