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how to load new rows in existing file

Dear all,

I'm a begginer and trying to solve a (probably quite simple) problem. The solutions I found on the comuunity site didn't help me until now or I was not able to implement it correctly.

I hava a database of retail receipts which I import in a Qlikview file. At the moment I'm reloading all of the data set every time (since some transaction have changes after they've been created, usualy last wek or so).

I'd like to:

1. solution A

- drop all rows from my qlikview file with the date higher then first of current month

- import (add) from the database only rows with the date higher then first of current month (replacing the ones I deleted and keeping the older ones)

I tried with the "replace" statement but I'm not able to achieve it


2. Solution B

- add new rows to the existing ones based on a input date

Thank you in advance for any input.


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Partner - Specialist II
Partner - Specialist II

Hi, Milane,

QlikView qorks like this:

1. reload means: load all data

2. partial reload: load only tables if their load starts with ADD (data will be added to existing table) or REPLACE (table will be replaced by loaded data), for example:


LOAD * From ...;

Replace LOAD * From ...;

Add LOAD * From ...;

In your Load-statement you can also enter Where-conditions. And with store you can store tables into QVD-format. That  means, you can store all old data and concatenate them with the actual ones.

Greetings from Munich