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how to make a char invisible untill action button


i'm trying to make a chart appear only after a button is pressed.

how can i do that?


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My guess is to use a calculation condition based on a variable which value is set by the load script to a value say 1. Then the macro button set variable to value 0 and chart is visible since its condition is $(vVar) = 0.

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Hello flash, you can do this using actions and variables.

1. Create a variable, named for example Visible and set its value to zero.

2. Add a button, click on properties -> actions -> external -> set variable. Type the name on the variable you just created and set the value to 1.

3. The last step is going into your charts properties -> layout -> show, select conditional option, and again, type the name of tha variable.

Best regards,

Iván Cruz

Master II
Master II

see the attached


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A few steps ...

1. Create a variable and set it to 0. e.g.

SET vShow=0;

2. Go to the chart Layout tab

3. Add '$(vShow)=1' to the Conditional field under Show (middle of screen on the right)

4. Create a button and add the action Set Variable under External.

5. Settings: variable=vShow, value=1

When you have reloaded, the chart will not be shows. Press the button and it will appear.

You could add another button to make the chart invisible again. Just copy the first one and change the value to 0. Don't forget to change the text 😉

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LOL I see one has to type really fast to be the first ... Wink

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thanks alot,

i tried this, and i'm not sure where to declare the variable.

if i declare it in the chart window, it does not work. or if i declare it in the sheet window

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You create the variable in the script. For instance below the default SET declarations in the Main tab of the script.

btw I found out that you don't need to put the variable between $() in the Show-field on the Layout tab of the chart Wink