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how to open the community qvw files

How to open the community qvw files? These are throwing error when i am trying to open.

Thanks in advance

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Master III
Master III

Could you be a bit more specific?

What version of QlikView are you running?

Is it licensed?

Which files (like a link to the topic you found them in) are you trying to open?

What are the errors you are getting?

May you live in interesting times!
Master II
Master II

seems u r using personal qlikview edition,that is causing the issue.

if not the case,u can reapply ur license on ur qlikview desktop version that will resolve the issue.


You can't open without license on your Qlikview software. Must need license either by contractor / Partner.

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You can't open any qvw files with out license.

but still there is chance to open 4 or 5 other applications not more than that


Qlikview has 2 versions

1.Licensed Version

*You can open any the QVW files i.e. developed on your machine /other machines

*Requires license

1.Personal  Edition

*You can open only the QVW files developed on your machine

*Does not requires license

Master III
Master III

Those are "recovery attempts" and you should keep those to recover your own work in case of crashes and PC transfers, not waste them on files of total strangers.

May you live in interesting times!
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Hi Avinash,

I don't have licensed version. i am currently a Qlikview learner.

Thanks for you support and your Help




I think u r using Personal edition and u don't have licensed one.

So with personal edition u can open only 5 qlikview files generated by others.But as many as if u have created them.

So u need licensed version to see others files



if you have got the answer mark the correct and helpful answers and close this thread