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how to set the calculation in a particular month and not setting forth the last movement.

Hi all, I want to please could help me solve the following:

I'm figuring (with set analysis in an expression) for a real estate company, which makes a reservation, promises, deeds and housing changes, the final amount of housing.

The problem I have is that a promise can be made in May by example and change scripts or housing in December or next year. To generate the calculation I need to see all the moves you made a request over time, but I need the value calculation (and I actually works well), leave it in the month in which the application has the promise and not in the month where there is a change of address for example. This works for me perfectly if I select a year and a particular month, but if for example only select the year to cases where there are changes in values ​​over time, leave me the data visually in the month of change and not in the month where I make you a promise, that's what I need.

Example: I have an application that has its promise 12344 in May 2014 for a value of UF 2500 and November 2420 presents a change UF.

I must show by selecting 2014 is every month and for this particular case the amount charged in May with the updated value
May = 2,420 UF

But what is showing me is:
May = 0
and November = 2,420 UF.

If I select 2014 and the month of May the calculation makes it perfect.

I do not know is how to fix display the data in the months when there are promises but actually see all the data, I worked with 1 prior to expression set analysis, which makes it well generate the calculation as it seeks movements that application x at all regardless of the selection, but when displaying the data does not appear where it should.

I do not know if I explained well, I thank in advance all your help and comments.


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Would it be possible for you to share a sample?