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Creator III
Creator III

how to show 0% and 100% values for line chart in Qlikview

Hi Experts,

I have created line chart with following expressions

1. =num((Sum([Total release wise UAT Defects])/Sum([DefectList.No.of Iterations]))*100,'#,##')&'%'

2. =num((Sum([DefectList.No.of Iterations])-Sum([Total release wise UAT Defects]))/num(Sum([DefectList.No.of Iterations]),'###0')*100,'##,##')&'%'

it is giving output correctly. but it's not showing 0%'s and 100%'s Values in my line chart. how to show them also

This is what i created chart


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Partner - Master III
Partner - Master III

Set the format for both expressions as 'Show in percent' in number tab .

you may need to modify the expression to remove formatting there

that should result in your axis showing %.

if you want to make it default from 0-100% use static min and static max in Axes tab