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Contributor III
Contributor III

if certain value is selected in field then show volume

Hi I am trying to achieve the following:

I have a field with multiple values. Fieldname: A; Field values x,y,z, xx, yy, zz

Additionally I have one field with volumes and one field with special volumes.


Now I want to write an expression that shows volumes or special volumes depending on the selection of the field values.

My expression is:

If(A <>'x*', sum(volumes)) -> this shows me the volume for all field values except x and xx.

Additionally I want to show now special volumes when selecting x or xx. So I tried the following:

 if(wildmatch(A, '*x*'),sum([special volumes]))  -> this works as individual expression, but combining both expressions does not work. 


If(A <>'x*', sum(volumes),

if(wildmatch(A, '*x*'),sum([special volumes])).

This combined expression only provides results for the first if statement but when selecting x or xx it does not show any values anymore.


Can anyone help me out here how to correct my expression?


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Not exactly sure of the problem with what your formula is. Only thing I do notice is that your first formula is "starts with X" and your wildmatch has X anywhere in it. If you are simply trying to sum volumes field if the value is X* or special volumes if it isn't can't you just use:

If(A <>'x*', sum(volumes), sum([special volumes])

Not sure how elaborate, or frequent, your real use case is, but this is the type of thing I like to handle in the load script so that the user interface isn't slowed down doing calculations that are not dependent on other field values or selections.