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loaded data causing issue (Linked fields)

I have two separate databases as the sources

DB1 contains Batch Numbers for batches that have been completed.

DB2 contains batch Numbers and equipment downtime for that batch


for example

DB1 contains 4 batches of data for this week

DB2 only contains 1 Batch for the week where equipment downtime has occurred. the field containing the amount of equipment downtime is call TotalDuration

using sum(TotalDuration) gives us the charting for batches that have had equipment downtime.


I have dashboard created presenting info.

now been asked to show weekly data for equipment downtime. 

now for 4 batches completed in one week, only one had equipment downtime

so when I have a straight table listing all batches within the week. 

I need to show all the batches, but only display the sum(TotalDuration) for the batch that had downtime.


instead it shows the same sum(TotalDuration) for all batches due to the extra 3 batches having no entry in the DB2.


Is there any way I display the 4 batches but with only 1 showing the sum(TotalDuration), the other three batches showing 0

OEE ImageOEE Image

in the above image

The first Row had 1:06 of equipment downtime - This came from DB2

All the rows for BatchNumber came from DB1 

so it should display for Row 1 - 01:06

for Rows 2 to 5 it should show 00:00

This issue is due to no records for the extra 4 batches in DB2 as there was NO equipment Downtime.


Many Thanks for looking


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Support (Former)
Support (Former)

Having the prior post removed given it appears to be SPAM, should be gone by end of the day today.  I think in this case you are going to need to post the QVW file for folks to be able to see the data model etc. too.  You can use the Scrambling tab in the Settings\Document Properties to scramble any sensitive fields, that should hopefully do the trick as far as any issues with the data etc.  


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