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loops in my script when addind one more table..why?

I everyone... I having issues to find why when I load the table BKBUY in my script geting the warning  "one or more loops...", al the information get mixed and is too slow...

When i cut of the BKBUY table all relations are ok!

I think the table "FECHA" (Date in spanish) is the trouble one...


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Have a look at

Circular References

Probably these fields named FECHA are actually describing something semantically different (dates specific to something we need to distinguish), so I would consider renaming one or more of the FECHA fields.

Creator II
Creator II

Hi Pimitek77,

rename the field Fecha in BKBUY table or define a complex key field for CodCliente+Fecha to associate KACOB and KASalR tables (e.g.: autonumber(CodCliente & '|' & Fecha) as Key_CodCliente_Fecha)

Best regards