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Hey Guys,

Year     Month     InvoiceType     Type               Amount

2015     Oct          Advance          Electricity         € 750,10

2015     Oct          Advance          Gas                  € 750,10

2015     Nov         Advance          Electricity          € 750,10

2015     Nov         Advance          Gas                   € 750,10

2015     Dec         Advance          Electricity          € 750,10

2015     Dec          Advance         Gas                   € 750,10

This is what I want to achieve from the above table. "If the same Amount appear twice per Month per client selected, a message should be displayed like "Electricity & Gas are combine on one invoice" ". Please I will appreciate any help on how to achieve these.



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Create a text box with your text and a show condition on layout tab like

=If(GetSelectedCount( ClientID ) = 1 AND Only( Aggr( Sum(Amount), ClientID, Year, Month, InvoiceType, Type)), 1,0)

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Hey sweul,

It worked thanks. Please I need another assistance: Please see attached.

I want to be able to display a message each time the column VS is greater than one and the months having the counts greater than one should also be displayed per customer selection. Here is the formular I used to arrive at the figures in the column VS : 

Count({<Abonnement = {'DM-CFV','DM-CFB','DM-E&F','CFB','DM-E&A'},InvoiceTypeID =>}PaidWithTax)

Below is the expression one of your colleagues helped me with but it did not work because he said I need to change VS into a formular some how. But I don't know how to do that. Please any help on how to figure that out or another solution?

'The same invoice appeared more than once in the months of ' & Concat(If(Aggr(Count (VS),Jaar,Maand) >1,Maand),' & ')